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SplashMD is a web-based, cloud based, User Friendly Mental Health Practice Management Software designed to meet the unique needs of mental health market. It's easy to get started and simple to manage- there is no servers to install, no backups to set up, no data to maintain, and no additional IT staff to hire. Read more

Product Features

User Friendly

Straightforward yet refined programming outlined in view of the clinician. Make your staff more proficient by not having them confused on how to use...Read More

Clinical, EMR/EHR

Systematized collection of patient & population electronically-stored information related to behavioral health in a digital format... Read More

Document Management

Save and organize your client and corporate documents so you can access them from anywhere
at anytime...Read More


Provide scheduling for daily, weekly or monthly views with the arrangements to add appointments by simply pointing the mouse at a particular day...Read More


Web based application which is optimized for
use on all devices that are connected to Internet like computers, mobile/smart phones, tablets. ...Read More


Dashboard makes user friendly approach as users can easily get notifications/reply of the latest text messages/appointments...Read More

Management Reporting

Reports to help you Manage day to day operations and keep a watchful eye on clinic data. Compliance reporting on...Read More


Fully integrated E-prescribe. No need to log into 2 separate systems to access client RX to the epresc... Read More

PRP Notes

The only software made specifically with the Maryland PRP program in Mind Complete Assessments, Medical necessities...Read More


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