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Other Benefits

  • Low Startup costs - Many other software packages charge exuberant amounts of money to get started. Not with SPLASHMD. Give us a call, schedule a demo. You won’t be disappointed.
  • On-site Training included - With sign-up we include on-site training with management and Staff Separately.
  • Internal Mail system - Stay HIPPAA compliant by keeping pertinent client information secure. Our internal mail system is simple, and has the feel of Outlook.
  • COMAR Compliant - The clinical forms within this software have been Maryland approved. The software also has an early alert system which helps management make sure treatment plans are completed within the regulated times. Management reporting keeps track of unsigned notes, treatment plans and much more.
  • Work More efficiently - Save lots of time from having to look for documents, handwrite notes, and waiting for face to face time to share client info.
  • Dual signatures on Notes - all notes must be signed by clinician and supervisor to lock the notes from further editing.
  • Streamlined Paperwork process for clinicians and Supervisors – as notes are edited by clinician or supervisor, mail messages are automatically sent to update the other party of the Changes.
  • Self-Administration - Run your practice the best way to fit your needs. Create and remove users edit your practice info, calendar intervals and much more in an instant.
  • Customer service portal - built in to the software gives immediate response for customer service needs
  • Payroll - Calculate payroll for clinicians based on services rendered.
  • Referral Management - Track who is referring clients to you.
  • System - Wide Alert Messaging- set alerts for your clinicians so that they may get important updates right away.


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